You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Make Popcorn With Soda Cans, Here’s How

Get your kernels ready, folks. Popcorn just got way more fun. If you’re into creative cooking, you’ll agree that using microwave is a pretty boring way to heat up your treats. Sometimes, a little excitement in the kitchen goes a long way.

This guy just invented the world’s coolest way to make popcorn. He uses old Coke cans to create the popcorn machine. In the video, he shows how he constructed this machine. He cut a rectangular shape into the first can, leaving the top attached. Then he pulled the section up until it was hanging from the side. For the second can, he cut the top off with an army knife and smoothed the edges out with scissors. After that, he cut two rectangular sections from the sides to make a burner. He needed the bottom to be flat, so he pounded it with a hammer.

After folding the top edges down, he placed a lit candle inside the burner. All that was left to do was put the first can on top and pour some kernels in. It’s a bit strange, but I have to admit that this is a really cool way to make popcorn. I wonder how he even thought of it.