Usain Bolt Allegedly Slept With The Widow Of Rio’s Most Dangerous Drug Lord

Early this morning, photos emerged of a man who appears to be Usain Bolt sleeping with a woman called Jady Duarte in Rio. If the photos and claims are accurate, that stirs up a hornets nest because Bolt has a girlfriend of two years. It also stirs up a colony of fire ants because the woman who claims that Bolt slept with her is the widow of one of Rio de Janeiro’s most dangerous drug lords


The photos, shared widely on WhatsApp, appear to show Duarte, 20, kissing and cuddling Bolt. According to the Daily Mail, Duarte had two children with Douglas Donato Pereira, known as Diná Terror.


This is Usain Bolt’s girlfriend, by the way.

Diná Terror (left) commanded the narcotics trade in the Faz Quem Quer shantytown until he was killed in a shoot out with police in March.


Duarte told Brazilian website Globo that she met Bolt at Boate All In nightclub in Rio on Saturday night. “It was not a big deal. It was normal,” she told them.

She claims to have been approached by Bolt’s security and at first had no idea whom he was. “‘He sent a security guard to call me over. We spoke quickly,” she said. She took several photos which she shared with a close group of friends, but they didn’t stay secret for long.

Videos also emerged reportedly showing the athlete grinding up against a different woman at the same club while celebrating his 30th birthday and the three gold medals he won at the games.

Bolt had previously told the Daily Telegraph that he believed cheating was acceptable. “Jamaican culture is different, when you look at women and men having more than one [partner], it’s different,” he said. “It’s hard for you to stay with one woman because girls are literally just throwing themselves at you,” he added. “And that’s unfair to us guys – it’s hard to say no, you know what I mean?”

When he was alive, Diná Terror was accused of filming the torture of an 18-year-old girl. The teenager supposedly told the wife of the drug lord that he had a lover. She was found with cuts and bruises all over her body, and died six days after when her symptoms worsened and she suffered a heart attack.

Usain Bolt’s representatives have not yet made a statement. But if this turns out to be true, it’s a good thing Bolt is fast.