This Banned Commercial Was Too Hot for TV

The Super Bowl has long been seen as one of the biggest live television events of every passing year and a portion of those views come from people who really just want to see the commercials. Apart from the game and the halftime show companies strive to produce the funniest, wittiest or sexiest commercials to get the population geared towards their product or service, Snickers is one of those.

Fortunately and unfortunately at the same time, they ended up creating a commercial so racy that it couldn’t be aired on television, but that of course wouldn’t be enough to stop the internet from sharing it!

There’s a lot wrong with that video, not that people wouldn’t line up for a car wash like that, but that there’s a scantily clad DJ THAT close to a bunch of vixens causally spraying water every which direction and the fact that there’s no obvious bouncers. Even still, there’s no way something like that would be aired as a commercial when kids could be watching the channel, at least in the US – we all know the restrictions here are a bit wonky in comparison with some other places.

C’mon though Snickers, if you want to make the teenage boy fantasy seem like a reality at least get the little details down right!

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