The world’s first floating underwater tunnel is something to behold

A Norwegian engineering crew is determined to help bring the residents of Norway closer together by building the world’s very first underwater floating bridge.

The incredible project was designed to help with the issues they were having with their waterways, which are generally shallow but spread very far apart; currently if you wanted to take a trip from the northern city of Trondheim to the southern city Kristiansand it would take you roughly 21 hours to get there due to seven large waterways between the two, but this bridge project would cut that down to just a 10 hour drive!

Of course something this innovative and idealistic didn’t come very cheap, costing around $25 billion, but the long-term costs it could save are astronomical when you think about it, and they do add up! Because the bridges span over the multiple waterways the project engineers are hoping to have it entirely completed by 2035, but this could be the start of a whole new precedent in bridge building!