Conspiracists Believe The World Is Going To End Next Month, Beer Anyone?

Ever since the genesis of human civilisation, mankind has been obsessed with its own destruction – haunted by apocalyptic visions of the end of the world, whether by fire, earthquake, meteor or nuclear bomb. Look at the countless examples of this obsession replete in global culture: the Norse saga of Ragnarok, the Book of Revelations in the canon of the bible, or Aztec mythology’s prediction that the world would be destroyed by cosmic forces in the year 2012. 1 Most of these doom-laden predictions have been proven false by now of course. But apparently this time, seriously, like for real, the conspiracy theorists have really worked out exactly when we’re all going to die and how it’s going to happen. No joke, cross their hearts, it’s happening. I’m skeptical of course, but that’s the thing about the end of the world: you just never know. It could happen at any time and strike us all dead in an instant. At least no-one will be around to say “I told you so.” To find out whether you should bother getting life insurance or not, So conspiracy theorists claim that the world may be ended by a secret planet, hiding on the very edge of our known Solar System, which is expected to careen out of it’s orbit and crash into the earth in the very near future. The planet has been given the cheesy name of Planet X (how original) or Nibiru. Conspiracy theorists claim the world’s scientists and governments have been covering up the existence of this planet and have made every effort to divert the public’s attention away from this impending doomsday. 1 A video has appeared on YouTube claiming to capture footage of the mysterious planet, alongside a blood moon, which they claim is a harbinger of the end times. Believers speculate that the gravitational influence of the “rogue planet” disrupted the orbits of other celestial bodies hundreds of years ago. They also claim the next disruptive passage into the inner solar system could happen at any time. Yeah, I’d find this whole malarkey a lot more plausible if the concept of Nibiru wasn’t suspiciously similar to the classic 1969 Doctor Who episode “The Tenth Planet,” in which William Hartnell’s Doctor encounters the Cybermen, weird cyborgs who live on the planet Mondas – twin planet of Earth, which drifted out of orbit but returns to wreak havoc.