Mobile chargers are turning into more usual by the day and for good cause. If there’s no outlet around or you put out of your mind your adapter, these little power packs could be a huge help. However in case you don’t already have this kind of technical wonders, don’t worry — you’ll be able to make one your self with an onion. That’s right! Energy doesn’t get any greener than this…

You’ll need:

– an onion
– a screwdriver
– an power drink
– a cable charger

How to use:

With the help of a screwdriver, make a hole in the onion and then another one immediately above it.


Fill a bowl with the energy drink and put the onion in it. The holes must be totally submerged in the liquid.


Let the onion soak for 30 min, then take it out and dry it. It must have soaked up most of the liquid.


Now you’ll be able to plug the USB connection on the cable into the onion. It’s recommended to try this with an outdated cable that you simply don’t need to use for any other objective.


After that you can charg your phone! The “power switch” doesn’t take much time. In most effective about 10 to 15 mins your telephone may have sucked the entire “juice” out of the onion. If you wish to use the cable on an outlet once more, you should definitely blank it and let it dry to keep away from any roughly surprise or short-circuit.


Some other folks would possibly find it odd, however you must admit that it’s a gorgeous unique idea. So the next time you’re out and your telephone needs charging, grab an onion and an power drink. It is probably not the best solution every time, but it’s no doubt an interesting experiment. Some may even find it a magic trick!

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